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After an auto accident or workplace injury, you may be left with questions about your right to compensation. There are many misconceptions about personal injury cases and how to pursue them. One of the most prominent questions individuals have is if they need to hire a lawyer or pursue the claim on their own.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

While many individuals have filed insurance claims, not everyone has the skills and experience to protect their legal rights after an accident. Personal injury attorneys have expertise in a number of areas of the law and will guide you through the legal claims process. This includes filing all necessary paperwork, meeting legal deadlines, and making an effort to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Wondering If You Need a Lawyer? Ask Yourself:

Have You Suffered Severe Injuries?

One of the biggest factors in determining if you should hire a lawyer is what injuries you suffered. Your injuries influence the cost of your medical bills, time away from work, and the amount of compensation you may receive.

For example, if you were involved in an accident and received minor injuries, filing a claim through your insurance company (or the other person’s) will often be enough to cover your medical expenses and the costs to repair your car.

Are You Receiving The Maximum Amount Available?

An insurance policy will only pay out to its policy limits. So if the policy limit is $150,000 and you are receiving $150,000, it may not be worth taking additional legal action to pursue a higher amount.

How High Are Your Medical Costs?

After an accident, your medical costs are often the biggest hurdle you face. In no-fault states like New York, you do not have to prove to your insurance company that an accident was not your fault before receiving compensation.

As mentioned above, if your injuries were minor, you may not need a lawyer to help you navigate receiving payment for your medical expenses. However, if you did suffer severe injuries and had to undergo extensive medical care, you can sue the other driver/party for compensation.

Times When An Attorney May Be Necessary

Multiple Parties Were Involved In The Accident

You’ve heard the term “too many cooks in the kitchen,” and the same idea applies to personal injury cases. When multiple parties are involved in an auto accident, it can complicate things with the insurance companies, especially when liability is not clear. If multiple parties are involved, it may lessen the amount of settlement money you can receive, especially if you are deemed liable.

You Have Suffered Long-Term Injuries or Permanent Disability

If your accident resulted in you needing long-term care or with permanent disabilities, it is crucial to contact a lawyer. An experienced attorney will help you determine how your injuries are affecting your life and future income. While your insurance company may offer a settlement amount, it may be in your best interest to pursue further forms of compensation for your losses and injuries.

The Insurance Company Refusing To Pay

In some cases, an insurance company will refuse to make a settlement offer. If your insurance company (or that of other parties involved in your accident) is refusing to pay, it is important to seek legal counsel. Your attorney will work to help you receive the recovery you deserve after an accident.

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